43" of Bias Binding from a 10" Square

Do you need a piece of bias binding but hate cutting a strip right out of the middle of a piece of yardage to get it? Me too!

Here's how to get a full 43" of double fold binding (cut at 2 1/4" wide) or 62" of single fold binding (cut at 1 1/2" wide) from one 10" square.

For Double Fold Binding


1. Press the 10" square and lay it out on a cutting mat.


2.The first cut is the most important! Cut the square in half on the diagonal, corner to corner.


If you were to start cutting at one of the points, instead of the center, you would ultimately end up with a cut that looks something like this, when you reach the center point:


It would have to be trimmed up, at a 45 degree angle, decreasing the amount of binding you would get.

So, make that first, most important cut, through the center.

3. Cut each of the halves into 2 1/4" strips. You should be able to make 3 cuts on each half.

(The 3rd cut will take off a tiny tip of the square.)



1. Layout the pieces end to end. I like to arrange them long-medium-short, but it does not really matter.

(When I apply the binding, I like to start with a nice long end that has no seam to keep things looking clean. And I am gambling that the other end will be trimmed enough to eliminate one of the smaller pieces. But, if I think I am going to need the whole length of binding, I make sure both of the shortest pieces are somewhere in the middle so that the beginning and end are longer pieces.)


2. Sew the pieces together. If you have never sewn pieces cut at a 45 degree angle before, the trick is to allow 1/4" of overhang on either side.


3. Press the seam allowances open and you are D-O-N-E.

For Single Fold Binding


Follow the same method, but cut each half of the 10" square to 1 1/2" strips. You will make 4 cuts on each side, instead of 3.