Hi, I'm Rana (say Renee) and I live on a hobby farm in northwest Wyoming. I spend my summers tending heirloom veggies, heritage apples and highland cattle. I spend my winters, my long cold winters, designing quilt and sewing patterns, which tend to be inspired by my everyday life.

I have been a maker of things since I was little. Barbie clothes, stuffed animals, latch hook rugs, painted gourds, granny square afghans, you name it, I probably gave it a whirl. Except for quilting! I didn’t grow up with quilts, not using them or making them, so when I made my first quilt in the late 80s, it was truly a new experience for me. I had no idea "how" to make a quilt, so I just made one: cardboard template, scissors, ⅝" seam allowance, mismatched scraps of various substrates, polyester batting (double layered for extra "quilty-ness"), the backing folded over to also serve as a binding and tied with yarn.

My first Quilt. Photo 1991.

My first Quilt. Photo 1991.

Fast forward to 1995,  when some sweet ladies from my church asked me to join a friendship circle of beginning quilters. It was in this group that I really learned how to quilt. We met together for 20 years, and in that time we mastered so many skills together: applique, basic piecing, matching seams, managing points, foundation paper piecing, hand quilting, machine quilting, binding, labeling, and more. Those were amazing years of learning, creativity and friendship.

Needless to say, quilting became one of my favorite hobbies. Fabric and thread and color... it was just impossible to get enough! Quilts began to fill our home, first on beds and then onto the walls. Family and friends received quilts at Christmas, on their birthdays, as thank yous and get well soon gifts. Quilts were also donated to help those in need, within our community and farther away, as the needs arose. Quilts have a way of blessing those who receive them in a deep way. Maybe it's because they are beautiful, maybe because they are immensely practical, maybe it's because they are made by loving hands… but probably it's for all of those reasons combined. Giving a quilt touches a life, in a meaningful way.

So, with a passion for quilts and 14 years of quilt making as a foundation, I started a little pattern company with the help and encouragement of my family and a very dear friend. It has been a fabulous journey full of hard work, creativity and fun! My hope is that my patterns will inspire others to create, learn, and share their talents with others.